Walnut Crescent

Walnut Crescent


Crescent tail member of our stunning new Walnut series. Each handplane made from this rich and decadent wood has subtle iridescent grain patterns that pop when in the water, while the beautiful deep Walnut wood finishes with a silky finish leaving a handplane you cant take your eyes off.

The Crescent is one of our mid sized boards, a great all rounder with a smooth cutaway crescent tail. This shape provides a wider tail with a larger surface area. Without adding excess length, the design allows for increased grip and control. Similar in performance to the fish but with a different aesthetic.

It has a balanced rocker in the nose and smooth, clean rails for excellent hold down the line. 

The concave throughout the board combined with the natural buoyancy of the wood provides strong lift when pulling into a wave.


The superb water proofing properties of natural tung oil are used to seal each board before it hits the water. All boards come with a hand sewn adjustable strap, attached using our subtle and secure design - unique to Compass Handplanes

Approx ~ 13" x 7 1/4" x 3/4"(at thickest point)



Interested in personalising your new handplane? We can inlay letters for your initials, spell out your name or add something else personal to you or the person you are gifting a Compass Handplane to.

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