What is handplaning?

Handplaning is a simple and rewarding watersport that allows you to take bodysurfing to the next level. Handplanes maximise your bodysurf experience by allowing you to catch and ride the longest and most enjoyable waves when playing about in the surf.

Handplaning is easy no matter the conditions, so once you're in the water get amongst the surf and pick a wave you want to ride. With it heading towards you just swim towards the beach (a pair of fins will help maximise your speed) and simply extend your leading hand out in front of you when you feel the wave catch up and 'lift' your body . Our handplanes increase the surface area of your lead planing hand, while a single concave allows water to easily pass under and produce extra lift to both you and the board.

Clean lines, turned-down rails and the dynamic shape of each board will hold your position on the wave face to give you maximum control. If you want to turn right as you're racing along simply make sure the handplane is on your right hand, and vice versa. Keep kicking to maintain your speed, increase your ride length and just aim for the barrel! There aren't many better feelings than this, go find out for yourself!

Check out our store to decide which of our board designs is most suitable to your needs and surf conditions!


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Our boards


We shape our boards from a range of hardwoods which we source from a local supplier. All the colours and grains you see are natural to the wood itself, we don't use stains or dyes. Solid cuts are used which avoids having to laminate layers of wood together, a process which will degrade quicker in seawater and cause weaknesses to the board. We choose our hardwoods to be suitably strong and durable yet light on the hand, to make swimming around in the surf effortless.

We at Compass love using hardwoods that can be shaped to create a handplane that looks and feels exquisite both in and out the water. They are sealed using waterproof tung tree oil which leaves a subtle yet resistant natural finish.

We make four shapes, designed for different personal preferences and surf conditions. All shapes were developed in our workshop, to provide you with maximum performance and enjoyment when bodysurfing. 

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We take a lot of care when making our boards, so follow our steps to ensure this care continues. 

Natural hardwood is strong and durable in the water, but it will damage if you drop it. After use, rinse your board in fresh water and then dry it as thoroughly as possible. If possible avoid storing your board anywhere too hot or too cold.

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