Ash Stub

Ash Stub


Introducing the Stub shaped from another of our favourite hardwoods, Ash. Ash is super durable and after applying waterproof tung oil, the grain pattern of this stunning tree comes alive. This board has been carefully crafted from nice solid chunk of wood down to this clean and elegant handplane. 

The stub is our shortest board, designed for a range of conditions and especially suited to steep, powerful waves. 

It is quick, manoeuvrable and light on the hand with its wooden build providing sufficient buoyancy. Its single concave and turndown rails provide all the lift and hold on wave required. 

With a subtle rocker in the nose and smooth rails it provides a clean ride.


The superb water proofing properties of natural tung oil are used to seal each board before it hits the water. All boards come with a hand sewn adjustable strap, attached using our subtle and secure design - unique to Compass Handplanes

Approx 10 1/2" x 7" x 3/4"(at thickest point)

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Interested in personalising your new handplane? We can inlay letters for your initials, spell out your name or add something else personal to you or the person you are gifting a Compass Handplane to.

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